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Short messages

Breeding report

The breeding report for December 2019 is now available.


Breeding report

The breeding report for November 2019 is now available.


Dates 2020

Dates and locations of the Bundessiegerzuchtschau and the Bundessiegerprüfung have been confirmed.
03. – 06. September 2020 Nürnberg - Max-Morlock-Stadion

Bundessiegerprüfung IGP & Agility
18. – 20. September 2020 Meppen – Hänsch-Arena

Bundesliga Agility
16. - 17.05.2020 + 11. - 12.07.2020


HD breeding value and breed value size

The HD breeding value and the breed value size for the quarter 04/19 is available.


HD breeding value and breed value size

The HD breeding value and the breed value size for the quarter 03/19 is available.


HD breeding value and breed value size

The HD breeding value and the breed value size for the quarter 02/19 is available.


Important notice

We would like to point out that 2019 a size breed value of 108 is applicable and may not be exceeded.


Upload pictures in vertical format

As of now you can upload pictures of your dog in vertical format.


Direkte Menüauswahl bei Hunden

Now you can choose what you want to see directly from displayed dog names.
To open a dog's menu, simply right-click on the dog's name or dog's link.
Try it right now!


Agility Regional League and Bundesliga Runs and all tables

From now on you will find on SV-DOxS in the area of event agility the regional league and Bundesliga matches as well as all tables.

You don’t need to be registered at SV-DOxS.

Dazu müssen Sie nicht bei SV-DOxS registriert sein.


Size measurement

As of now the subscriber of the standing data for the conformation shows from 01.05.2018 see the size measurement of the dog.


Now for the owner who is responsible to sign

Under „My dog“ you can in the future unblock the OCD and LÜW results of your dog, so it can be seen by other SV DOxS users.
As of now you have free access of your dog’s data like for example the selection, conformation show and exams results.


New feature in the basic data package: the registered performance event participants.

As of January 1, 2018, the basic data package contains the registered performance event participants.
Previously, you will find the information about who is registered for a performance event.


New in the Zuchtschau package: The conformation show season statistics – up-to-date!

As of now subscribers of the “Zuchtschau” (conformation shows) package can find the conformation Show seasons statistics.


Extended search function for dogs

As of now, in the extended search function in the section “dog” you can search dogs also with only the name or the kennel name.
Just go and try it….


Important information

Two become one – just one password!
Uniform registration for the SV website and SV DOxS as of March 15, 2017. Log-in in the member’s area on the SV website with your SV DOxS login details and get access to new information about the club and the German Shepherd Dog


Exclusively in the trial package

As of now you can see the participants of trials previously in the section “events – entries”.


Voucher code

If you wish to redeem a voucher code, you must be registered and enrolled of charge in SV-DOxS.


Upgrade to Combipackage L

You already ordered one or more currently valid single packages (basic data, conformation show, trial, breeding and Genetics). Now you have the possibility to upgrade to Combipackage L.


statistic performance of the size heredity

The statistic performance of the size heredity is from now on included in the Genetics packet.


Uploading images

As of now you can have a list of your dogs displayed.
You also have the possibility to upload images of your dogs on SV DoxS.
Is a dog missing in your list? That is not a problem. Please, submit a notarized copy/a copy confirmed by a breed warden or even from your WUSV member club; the copy can be scanned and e-mailed to
You will find the instructions how to upload the images and all further information under FAQ’s – Upload of images.