Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Questions regarding upload of images

Who can upload images of a dog?
A valid access to SV DOxS is requested.
Images of a dog can be uploaded from the owner of the dog with the signature authorization.

How can I enter the upload area?
When you click the menu item Meine Hunde you will find a list of your dogs.
From there you can directly enter the upload area of the concerned dog.

What can I do when a dog is missing in the list "My dogs"?
In order to register the transfer of ownership you would have to submit either the sales contract, the original pedigree or a notarized/confirmed by a breed warden copy of the pedigree.

Which image files can I upload?
You can upload image files jpg, png and gif.

Which aspect ratio can I upload?
You have to comply with the requested format (landscape format).

Which minimum size is requested for my image?
The minimum width for your image is 800 Pixel.

Which file size is allowed for my image?
The maximum file size for uploads is 10 MB.

What do I have to do to upload my image?
Please upload the image as follows:

  1. Select an image file from your data system.
  2. Enter a title (legend) for the image you want to upload.
  3. Scale the red frame within the image to the desired command variable. Please use the designed scaling tool below the image.
  4. Position the red frame within the image on the desired picture detail. You can use the provided positioning tool below the image or the mouse.
  5. Accept the supplementary conditions for uploading of imgages and text one-time.
  6. When the image detail you want to upload has been marked correctly please click on 'upload image'
  7. The process can be broken off at any time if you click on 'break off' and a new image can be selected.

When is my uploaded image publicly visible?
When the image has been uploaded it will be checked from one of our staff members according to our guidelines. Following the image will either be released or deleted from our system. In any case you will receive an e-mail confirmation.

Can I delete my uploaded image or modify the title?
Images which have been uploaded from you can be deleted or the title can be modified as long as you are owner of the dog with the signature authorization. When the title is modified the approval process has to be passed through again. In this time the image will no longer been visible publicly.
Images which have not been uploaded from you can neither been deleted nor modified.