Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Questions for participants about the registration portal

What is the benefit of the registration portal for the participant?
As of now, you can register your dog for a conformation show via SV DOxS.
The new registration portal facilitates the handling of conformation shows, for the participant as well as for the host.

With a special login and password, you can login, as a participant as well as a host.

In the section “My DOxS – My events” you will find a complete list of the dogs registered for conformation shows with all information.

Where can I see the events?
Pic. Homepage SV-DOxS

Click the green button „Register dog for conformation show” down right. On the following page you will find a list of all conformation shows. The events you can register for are marked with a green button. You can select the registration portal also through „Events – Online portal conformation shows

Pic. List of conformation shows

How can I register a dog for an event?
Select the event you would like to register for and click . The following page will be opened:

Pic. Register dog

Enter the name or the breed book number of the dog in the dialog box. Pic. Search dog

If the dog is already registered in SV?DOxS it will be transferred completely, with ancestry and breeder, into the registration portal.
Pic. Choose dog

How can I register a dog that is not yet available in SV DOxS?
If the dog is not registered in SV DOxS please click the blue button. This button is at the bottom of the list of dogs.

Pic. Enter the dog manually

How to choose the class for the entry?
When you selected a wrong class for your dog the following information will be shown: Abb. Hinweis Klasse

The criteria for choosing the correct class are type of coat, age and sex.

Complete the lacking information and check the given dog data if all is correct.

How can I enter owner and, if necessary, co-owner or holder (Handlers are only requested for youth events)?
Pic. Enter the owner

Confirm the GTC and the data protection statement and click on ”Submit entry”.

How to act if errors occur?
If the entry is filled out incomplete you receive an error message stating the lacking information.

Pic. Errors occoured

Complete the lacking information and re-submit the entry.

When do I receive the registration confirmation?

After you have successfully submitted your entry, you will get the information, that the entry was submitted.

The confirmation about the entry you will receive from the host by E-Mail.

Important information:
Please be aware that, according to the “Zuchtschauordnung” submitting the entry obliges to pay the entry fee, regardless of, if any reason prevents from participation.

How can I check my entry data?
In the section “My SV DOxS – My entries” you can see all dogs you entered for participation in conformation shows. Pic. My entries

Check entry data
Send an e-mail to the host

Where can I see my entries?
Pic. Entries

How can I delete an entry?
Dogs can’t be deleted from the participant oneself. Sending the entry is binding and obliges to pay the entry fee. Should you have any questions regarding this matter please send an e-mail to the event manager.

You can use the SV Online registration portal with computer, tablet or smartphone