Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Questions for organizers about the registration portal

What is the benefit of the registration portal for the host?
If you are not in the mood for telephone registrations, an overfull e-mail or mailbox and a mountain of entry forms (partially incomplete or illegible) the registration portal is perfect for you.

As of now, you can administrate your registration office from anywhere. All you need is internet and your regular SV DOxS login details.

When your event has been released the participants can register until the deadline. At once, you will see the list of all entry data, clearly and paperless.

Conveniently, you can send entry confirmations (once) or e-mails to all participants or you can send additional information about the event to all or particular participants. You don’t need to worry about the backup; all data will be saved on the server.

After the deadline, the entries can be imported into the PUSCH software.
All things considered, compared to the single entry of all registrations by telephone, mail or e-mail with partially incomplete or missing data, the entry portal offers an enormous saving of time.

How can I activate a conformation show for the participants?
Please login with your login details.
If you are event manager for a conformation show or responsible for SID you will find “My conformation shows” in “My events” in the section “My SV DOxS”.

Pic. My conformation shows

Click on the green button and open the event .

Pic. General data

First, you have to activate the conformation show for online registrations; otherwise, the participants can’t use the portal for this show.

Pic. Release event for online registration

Following, please enter a contact e-mail address for inquiries and click the “save” button.
When the deadline is over, no participant can register anymore for this event.

The field Further information from the host is a free text field. Here you can enter additional inquiries for the event.

You can enter registration fees for standard- and puppy classes.

How can I edit the entries?
In the section „Entries“ you can see all already submitted entries for the event.

Pic. Entries
Explanation for the symbols
Edit entry
Delete entry
Mark or check mark for sending e-mail or entry confirmation
Entry confirmation not sent yet
Entry confirmation sent
Selected dog from SV DOxS
Dog registered manually
Mark all

Entries submitted by other means have to be entered manually into the registration portal.

Pic. Sample dog

How can I register a dog for an event?
Select the event you would like to register for and click . The following page will be opened:

Pic. Register dog

Enter the name or the breed book number of the dog in the dialog box.
Pic. Search dog

If the dog is already registered in SV DOxS it will be transferred completely, with ancestry and breeder, into the registration portal.
Pic. Choose dog

How can I register a dog that is not yet available in SV DOxS?
If the dog is not registered in SV DOxS please click the blue button. This button is at the bottom of the list of dogs.

Pic. Enter dog manually

How to choose the class for the entry?
When you selected a wrong class for your dog the following information will be shown: Pic. Information about the chosen class

The criteria for choosing the correct class are type of coat, age and sex.

Complete the lacking information and check the given dog data if all is correct.

How can I enter owner and, if necessary, co-owner or holder (Handlers are only requested for youth events)?
Pic. Enter the owner

Confirm the GTC and the data protection statement and click on ”Submit entry”.

How to act if errors occur?
If the registration is incompletely filled out, you will receive an indication of which information is still missing.

Pic. Error occourred

Complete the lacking information and re-submit the entry.

How can I edit an entry?
With the green button right from the dogs name you can edit the reported data.
Pic. List of entries

Editing/modifying of an entry Pic. Edit an entry

How can I delete an entry?
With the red recycle bin symbol you can delete entries, for example when a dog has been entered twice or the entry has been withdrawn. Deleted dogs can be found at the bottom left, section “Deleted participants”. The entries are only marked as deleted but can be reactivated at any time.

Double entries are marked red in the list.

How can I send the confirmation by E-Mail?
At the right margin next to the recycle button you find a checkbox. Here can you mark either particular dogs or, with the checkbox on the top of the column, all dogs.

Following, on this list you can select the desired action for the marked dogs. You have the choice to either send a standardized entry confirmation to the participants or an e-mail written by you.

How can I create the export file for SV Pusch?
When all entry data is registered you can export the data to SV Pusch. Pic. PUSCH-Export

Click “Export” and the data file is created.

Pic. Save export file

Click “Save” and the file is written in your download folder.
Now the works in the SV online registration portal are finished and you can open the SV-Pusch program.

Important notice:
Please don’t edit anything in SV Pusch before the data transmission from the online registration portal has been completed. When a new export from the online registration portal is made all edits in SV Pusch are ineffective.

How can I import entries into SV Pusch?
Start SV-Pusch (Zuchtschau) and select Import.
Pic. PUSCH Import

Open export file in the download folder. The data is imported into SV Pusch.
Pic. Chose file

Display after import in SV Pusch
The entries are imported consecutively numbered. Pic. Display in SV-PUSCH

Each Import from the online registration portal creates a new event.

The data of the event and the entries cannot be edited before the final file has been imported from the online registration portal.

Tipp: Make all edits in the online registration portal and export only the final file into SV Pusch.

Complete the place of the event, the venue, the classification of judges, the event manager and the SID responsible in the section event information. Pic. Compleete the section event

Now you can edit your event with the SV Pusch program as usual.

How can I delete an event from Pusch (Import data file)?
Each import creates the event as new event. Former import data files (if you imported more often) which you no longer need can be deleted now Pic. Delete

A safety notice will be displayed asking if you in fact would like to delete the event.
Pic. Confirm deletion

How can I chancel a conformation show?
In order to chancel an event please act as usual and submit this in written form to the "Terminschutzstelle": oder per Fax 0821/74002-9943.